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EnergyCraft Systems of Northeast Nebraska
Owner: Ross Gronau

Contact Information:
1401 Blaine St.
Norfolk, NE 68701

Phone: (402) 316-3463
Cell: (402) 841-7571
Fax: (402) 316-4375

Contact us today to schedule a time to review your building needs.
Our team has over 22 years experience quoting, selling and installing our systems to owners, contractors and erectors throughout the country and would like the opportunity to help you.

Local certified installers of Systera® and Simple Saver® high R-value insulation systems, HVAC appliances and high efficiency lights.

  • Lower Energy Cost
  • Improve Interior Appearance
  • Increase Light Levels
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Quiets Interiors
  • Helps Prevent Condensation

Current Energy Grants Secured for Clients =


We help you design building insulation, heating, and lighting solutions that work.

Contact us to see if we can write you a successful government grant or find a rebate to help pay for your project!

Currently Scoring 100% Success Rate for Applicants

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New Construction
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Retrofit Construction

Installation services for NEW or RETROFIT construction and for a variety of different building types.

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EnergyCraft Heating, Cooling, Appliances & Installation

We install EnergyCraft appliances that are prefabricated, pre-wired, self contained, "Ready to Run" units, that simple mount into place and operate when utilities are connected.

These appliances are designed specifically to work with energy efficient buildings using our insulation liner systems.

Appliances are available in a variety of combinations depending on your preferences and building needs. Choose from various options:

Fuel Source


Unit Type

Heat Only
Cool Only



  • 95% high efficiency gas heaters
  • 14 & 16 SEER rated air conditioners
  • Guaranteed sizing for equipment
  • 5 year parts guarantee and lifetime heat exchanger warranty
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EnergyCraft Luminaires & Installation

We also install our EnergyCraft Octalux™ and Quintalux™ high efficiency, high bay florescent light fixtures that are designed to lower operating costs by approximately 50% while providing the same amount of light when compared to traditional metal halide fixtures.

  • 94% efficient
  • T5 or T8 lamps available
  • Light design layout
  • 5 year ballast warranty
  • 1 year fixture warranty

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