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Products: Systera Retrofit Insulation System
EnergyCraft solves the problem of existing building energy obsolescence.

Superior Thermal Performance
Most existing commercial and industrial buildings have obsolete energy systems for today’s higher energy costs. Pre-engineered metal buildings are particularly obsolete because of the poor insulation methods used in these buildings. Actual “installed” R-values are commonly up to 50% less than the package label R-values. The insulation was typically compressed during installation. The lowest cost results from the most energy efficient buildings. Significant savings will result from upgrading building thermal performance to the Systera System.

Equipment Performance
Older heating and cooling equipment was sized for the poorly insulated buildings. Up to 300% more equipment was used than is now required with our Systera Systems, giving a 67% savings from the reduction of equipment. The efficiency of older heating and cooling equipment was often 30% less than our current 92% efficient models, yielding even more savings. Systera liner systems also significantly increase light reflectivity which reduces lighting equipment and lighting energy costs up to 30%. Superior lighting fixture efficiency will also reduce energy consumption up to 50%.

Energy Management
Saving energy is directly related to how we use the building. Old systems were designed with all manual switches that required a conscious effort to control use. Our EnergyCraft systems may be designed to automate many controls which reduces wasted energy costs, lowers peak usage and reduces demand charges. We at EnergyCraft can help you minimize and manage your energy use. Upgrading your building increases its value by renewing the interior appearance and lowering the costs of operation. Call your EnergyCraft Contractor today for energy management information. 800-350-0776.

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