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Products: Systera Premium Plus System
The Systera Premium Plus System integrates more advanced products and services.

Enlightening Products and Services
It is unwise to design buildings for daytime use without any windows, then add energy using light fixtures to create artificial light. At EnergyCraft Systems, daylighting comes first with natural and free light. Our designs provide added comfort and pleasant surroundings which are proven to increase productivity, improve product quality and provide employee job satisfaction. Project design must include a value analysis of the benefits of our EnergyCrafted interior lighting designs and management systems. The net result is lower ownership costs for you.

Wise Energy Design is EnergyCrafting
The ultimate in value and energy conservation can only be achieved by integrating the interior lighting and control systems with the Systera Insulation and EnergyCraft Heating/Cooling System. The best design includes our Thermal Line Daylighting Windows, EnergyCraft lighting fixtures, electronic control switching, and light reflective interior finishes.

Savings Exceed Cost!
The Systera Premium Plus offers the ultimate package of analysis, products and services specifically designed for each building and use. Up to 30% reduction in lighting and electrical support equipment may be realized for most buildings. Up to 50% reduction in lighting energy costs may be realized by the EnergyCraft design and wise control of interior lighting systems.

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