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Products: Systera Premium System
Knowledge is the power of EnergyCrafting.

The Process is the Problem
Frequently, new building proposals are made with insulation R-values perceived to meet the minimum building code requirements. The heating, cooling and ventilation equipment is sized accordingly. Substantial over-sizing of equipment is required to compensate for extra heat transfer due to severely compressed insulation. The equipment then needs wiring circuits, breakers, gas piping, thermostats, exhaust piping, etc. This is typically the base quote. If there is an alternative for more insulation, it is the added cost of compressing even more insulation with little real extra benefit. The costs of these extra insulation alternatives are always higher prices and seldom economically analyzed. So, owners often go with the minimum proposal thinking that it is the best deal for them. Ironically, this scenario usually assures that the building will actually cost more to own and not less. This is because there is no honest economic analysis of the available designs versus the net cost of ownership. This analysis would include resizing the HVAC equipment, lighting equipment, utilities, etc. Inevitably, superior insulation performance results in the lowest ownership cost for conditioned buildings.

The Superior Alternative
An EnergyCrafted building proposal is superior. If you plan on heating or cooling the interior building space, we automatically propose the insulation system that:

• isolates the conductive steel purlins/girts
• provides thermal breaks between the conductive steel roof panel connections
• yields the full uniform depth of insulation thickness to fill the purlin and girt spaces
• results in the lowest net cost of ownership
• reduces the exposed purlin/girt surface area by 99%

Systera Systems Add Value to Your Building!
Insulation Type
Energy saved per month compared
to 3" Over-the-purlin method
Added value from energy savings that could be amortized
at 7% over 20 Years
R-36 Systera
R-35 Systera
R-30 Systera
R-25 Systera

EnergyCraft high efficiency heating and cooling appliances are properly sized for the optimized building. Up to 50% or more reduction in equipment costs and collateral savings is possible. An economic analysis of ownership costs reveals the“ EnergyCrafted” building design is the best deal for the owner or user. Ownership costs are less for the superior buildng. The Systera Insulation System R-values are normally R-30 in the roof and R-25 in the walls. These values are practical to obtain and yield very favorable economics for the building owner and user. This means it costs less!

All Systems Integration is Best
The best design results from analyzing all energy related systems as one. You can’t change one without affecting the other. An EnergyCrafted building proposal does exactly this. You get a proposal that will yield the lowest practical ownership cost considering all proposed systems.

• Minimizing heat transfer requires less heating and cooling equipment.
• Maximizing interior surface light reflectivity requires less lighting equipment.
• Maximizing the insulation performance cost is offset by savings of energy using equipment.
• Minimizing energy use lowers energy cost more than increased building payments.

The Systera Premium System integrates the Systera Insulation System and EnergyCraft Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Appliances into one Premium design for superior energy efficiency with the lowest ownership cost. Additional product integration is possible for even more savings with the Systera Premium Plus System. Be sure to call EnergyCraft and request a free proposal and analysis for all of your buildiing projects. Act now and become part of the “In-Solution”... EnergyCraft Systems!

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