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Products: Systera Insulation System
EnergyCraft solves the problem of building energy obsolescence.

Superior Insulation Performance
Energy efficiency begins with optimal insulation. Older metal building insulation methods commonly used are often misrepresented by their package label R-values. Actual installed R-values are substantially less due to compression of the insulation. Our Systera Insulation System creates a uniform depth space for full thickness and full performance of the insulation. The difference is up to 50% reduction in heating and cooling energy consumption forever. Our improved insulation system significantly offsets the costs of HVAC, lighting, electrical and finishing systems.

Compare the appearance of the over-the-purlin insulation (left) with the Systera Insulation System. The encapsulated purlins prevent dripping condensation and reduce noise.

Commitment to Excellence
Your professional EnergyCraft Systems Contractor provides the solutions to resistance to change in the industry. Owners receive superior buildings that cost less to own and operate. Proper vapor barrier placement prevents condensation and corrosion on steel structurals resulting in much longer building life. Lower costs of ownership result in a significant increase in building value compared to the typical metal building system.

Energy Savings
Superior technology and professional installation result in collateral savings of HVAC equipment, lighting equipment and finishing costs. Savings also ripple back through electrical and mechanical support systems. Building value is significantly increased. A more attractive and comfortable interior increases productivity and results in additional value. The net savings value of EnergyCrafted buildings over time will exceed the entire cost of the basic building. Economic analysis supports optimal insulation values which have no perpetual utility cost.


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